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The Bird Seed Resort & Spa

The Bird Seed Resort & Spa is a fictitious example to show you how you might use my design, licensing and wholesale services.

I can work with you to recreate something like this for your brand, organisation, project or event using any or all parts of this example.

The Bird Seed Resort and Spa shines like a jewel in the South China Sea. This eco-conscious boutique hotel has everything you could want in a resort - beauty, privacy and service excellence.






Outdoor Bar

Swimming Pool

Water Sports




20 Hilltop Chalets

Each chalet has a bedroom, lounge, ensuite and balcony. 


10 Beach Villas

Each villa features 3 bedrooms and a private garden with a lap pool.


5 Ocean Kelongs

Each Kelong has 5 separate chalets surrounding a shared plunge pool and jacuzzi.



1. the brief

After completing the Design Brief and Wholesale Brief I had an Initial Consultation with the resort management to better understand their needs. I then sent them the assessment below based on our discussion and to get the go-ahead to come up with a proposal.


  • An on-brand design aesthetic
  • Consistent interior design throughout the resort
  • Multi-purpose designs
  • Simple digital files for reuse
  • Exclusive rights to branded materials


  • An established eco-tropical brand identity
  • A fixed number of applications for design
  • A clear idea of their wholesale needs
  • Dedicated seamstresses and marketing staff


  • No in-house designer
  • No sources of custom eco-fabric manufacturing
  • No sources of custom wallpaper
  • No software or skills for processing vector design files.

2. the proposal


  • I proposed creating a hero and blender pattern pair which could be mixed and matched in multiple textile and print applications throughout the resort. 


  • I also suggested they could complement their branding and marketing efforts by repackaging a brand of tea they already sold in their spa to match the new resort-wide branding. 


  • Using just two patterns would save on licensing fees.



  • In addition we offered our services to design, source and ship fabric and wallpaper for them, with the first invoice to include samples only.

3. the goods

It took 3 months from the initial consultation to deliver the files and samples.


  • 2 seamless patterns in 3 colour ways
  • 1 placement design for branded tea product range using these 2 patterns
  • PNG and JPEG file delivery in tile and placement for in-house marketing team to use.


  • 1 exclusive pattern license for 3-years for Hero pattern
  • 1 commercial pattern licence for Blender


  • 7 fabric samples of different fabric and design
  • 1 wallpaper sample

4. the bill

  1. Once the proposal was accepted, I invoiced them for anticipated design and licensing fees.
  2. Design began once they paid 50% of this invoice upfront.
  3. I delivered digital files when the final invoice was paid, adjusting for revision requests and further online consultations. 
  4. I invoiced for wholesale samples separately to include accurate shipping costs and to enable upfront payment in full.

Total USD$1,750



  • Initial Consultation x 1
  • Online Consultation x 3
  • Pattern Design x 2
  • Placement Design x 1
  • Revision Request x 2



  • Commercial Licence x 1
  • Exclusive Licence x 1



  • Fabric sample x 7
  • Wallpaper sample x 1
  • Shipping

come dream with me

The Bird Seed Resort & Spa is my fantasy client. Naturally, what suits an ideal may not fit your reality. That's okay. I'm happy to work with you and, as a small business owner, I'm flexible enough to meet your needs. Let's have a chat and see if we fit.